Proton linked

This fits a global model to a collection of ITC experiments collected in buffers of the same pH, but different ionization enthalpies.


This is useful for analyzing a binding reaction that involves the gain or loss of a proton. The measured enthalpy will have a binding component and an ionization component. These can be separated by performing ITC experiments using buffers with different ionization enthalpies.


\[\Delta H_{obs,buffer} = \Delta H_{intrinsic} + \Delta H_{ionization,buffer} \times n_{proton},\]

where \(\Delta H_{intrinsic}\) is the buffer-independent binding enthalpy, \(\Delta H_{ionization,buffer}\) is the buffer ionization enthalpy, and \(n_{proton}\) is the number of protons gained or lost.


parameter variable parameter name class
association constant \(\Delta H_{intrinsic}\) dH_intrinsic thermodynamic
binding enthalpy \(n_{proton}\) num_protons thermodynamic

Required data for each experiment

data variable parameter name
ioinzation enthalpy \(\Delta H_{ionization,buffer}\) ionization_enthalpy