Van’t Hoff

A standard Van’t Hoff analysis assuming a constant enthalpy.


Fits a collection of ITC experiments collected in identical buffer conditions, but at different temperatures. The temperature of each experiment is taken from the heats file. Allows extraction of the Van’t Hoff enthalpy and binding constant for the reaction at a defined reference temperature.


\[\Delta H = \Delta H_{vh}\]
\[K = K(T_{ref})exp \Big ( \frac{-\Delta H_{vh}}{R} \Big (\frac{1}{T} - \frac{1}{T_{ref}} \Big ) \Big )\]

By performing experiments at a minimum of two temperatures, one can extract the Van’t Hoff enthalpy \(\Delta H_{vh}\) and binding constant at the reference temperature \(K(T_{ref})\).


parameter variable parameter name class
association constant \(K_{ref}\) K thermodynamic
binding enthalpy \(\Delta H_{vh}\) dH thermodynamic

Required data for each experiment

data variable parameter name
temperature (K) \(T\) temperature