I found a bug!

Please let us know and we’ll fix it. To ensure we can understand the problem, please follow this quick guide to writing useful bug reports. Go to and create a new issue. If you want to take a crack at fixing the bug yourself, see the next section.

I fixed a bug/implemented a new feature.

Great! We love new contributions! Please follow this workflow to contribute code to the project. This workflow alllows you to get credit for your work, while allowing us to maintain a clean codebase. After you make a pull request, we’ll review it and start a conversation with you about incorporating the change.

Some other important notes:

I implemented a new thermodynamic model.

Wonderful! First, make sure you’re following the coding guidelines described above for the code itself. Second, write up a description of your model. All pytc documentation is written in restructed text. The repository contains template .rst files that can be modified for new models

  • pytc/docs/source/indiv_models/template.rst
  • pytc/docs/source/global_connectors/template.rst

Create a new .rst file describing your model from one of these templates.

Once you have implemented the code and written up the model description, create a pull request containing both changes and we’ll work on incorporating the model.